Accessories and options


Several additional accessories are currently being studied or considered in the development of the simulator sports Omboxx.
They are all designed to enhance the immersion of sortif-player in the game and thus his interest in it.

Virtual reality

The simulator sports Omboxx can complement and enhance very significantly different types of fitness equipment existing, large or small, or be completed by them.
This page will reflect these experiences as they are developed.
Here’s an example using the Oculus Rift without pedaling because the system too much latency for the moment.

Accessories under study

Introduction of the heart rate in the regulation of the game

The heart monitor is no longer just about to know the degree of effort.

We use data collected by Bluetooth-level impact simulators hands to increase the difficulty of the game: if the rate is too low, the decline if it is too high. We influence pedaling speed, game speed and strength of the players or the computer.

Impacts simulators in the palm of your hands

Directional sound shower

So the game sounds are perceived by the player without disturbing others in the room.

Futur developments

HUD helmet

To give the player the most important information always in his eyes.

casque hud