Play a game


The equipment is installed, the Omboxx software downloaded and installed correctly, the players are dressed in sports held close to the body: we can begin to play a match with Omboxx by adjusting the parameters of the game.


Number of players : single player against the computer or two real players

  • number of points per set: 7, 14 or 21
  • power of the computer
  • strength of the players
  • pedaling speed
  • Game Speed
  • adjusting the focal length, it is also possible to change the dynamics of focal by pressing the “C” key during the game.
reglage jeu

The goal is to schedule the game depending on the type of effort that you want to do it yourself by setting the last parameter: the clamping force of the magnetic brake spinbike.

If you have a coach it will load itself may change the amount of effort in adjusting the various parameters and the force of the brake. You can change your settings to make as to the progress of your workout.

Clik “Start”

To start or stop the game: raise both arms vertically so franke.


Rules of the game

The sport simulator Omboxx is loosely based on a game pelota: The Trinquet with bare hands.

The game is played with bare hands and is ambidextrous: You must hit the balls that come right with your right hand and if they are left with the left hand for a balanced and harmonious training.

The ball must be hit before the 2nd bounce or on the fly and touch the back wall above the red line before hitting the ground.

The aim is to prevent the opponent to catch the ball or to score a point by touching the moving target (1), or to score 3 points by sending the ball into the “nets” (3) after a rebound on the wall.

The “Xylo” (2) induces a rebound back to resume difficult for the opponent.

The gauge (4) indicates your level of pedaling, the (5) strength-amplitude speed of your shots.

By tilting the upper body while your opponent plays you can point your avatar to the sides or back and forth in the direction of the tilt and position yourself strategically and depending on your play style.

Lift both arms vertically and play !