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Great and Luxury Hotels – Club Resort – Spas Hammams


Great and luxury hotels – Club resort – Spas – Hammams

Offer something else to your customers!

The structures for these simulators Omboxx presents very interesting benefits.
It can complement existing hardware in a minimalist: spinbike, screen, laptop in which he must add a Kinect for Windows sensor.
To order, after studying the needs, it can be delivered “integrated” Laptop + kinect + screen, for example, or take the form of a complete designated structure.

Omboxx sports simulator installed in your gym has the following advantages:

Competitive Advantage

The simulator sports Omboxx is perfectly suited to give your gym an air of novelty, modernity, luxury solution.

Fitness and wellness in the playfulness and without suffering.

Your sign will benefit in his image parque satisfaction of your customers in this area.

Economic advantage

The simulator sports Omboxx is a kind of personal trainer for your customers.

He works for you without staff physically present while giving the customer the feeling of being framed.

It can also be a valuable tool for coaching great or small group, because it was developed by a professional coach.

Marketing Tools: Promotion – Communication

Some major spas use their fitness facilities to direct them to external customers which allows them to show their offering.

The structures équpées simulator sports Omboxx offer a favorable image: modern personal Hight Tech,.

The object Omboxx can become a communication medium scalable to lead to a sort of expectation of enthusiasm on the part of customers.


The Omboxx is an innovative product that gives your plants an image of novelty and modernity and your business in the forefront.

Communication medium

The product is highly scalable and each development renews the communication to keep your customers waiting.


The fitness world is looking for well-being and playfulness, suffering from the stress and boredom are no longer appropriate: the Omboxx meets the expectations of your customers.


The Omboxx offer your customers an additional opportunity to diversify and improve their training.
The subjective quality of sports stay your customers heard globally on a better understanding of your entire Locations

The simulator sports Omboxx in its basic version fits your existing facilities for extremely modest costs compared to what it brings, and it requires no staff.
It can also be proposed with varying degrees of integration of its components to function as a box with a totally dedicated to your needs and wishes universe.