Hardware installation

A major goal of the simulator is to provide Omboxx sports athlete-player immersion of good quality so that playfulness is the most taking possible.
To get the best possible result in the experience of practitioners or some installation rules must be respected.
Height-kinect-webLa most important is certainly positioning relative to kinect sports-player because he transmits all information Omboxx interactive software.

The kinect should be placed at a distance of 1.5 m to 2m for the player well “see” a whole including arms outstretched.
So it must be at a distance of 1m to 1.5m from the ground depending on the size of the sports player.
For the kinect recognizes well the human form in which it is programmed it is essential to dress very fitting: no wide sleeves of scarves …

réglage hauteur kinect

The screen should be at eye level of the sports player in the middle as far as possible, rather too high than too low.

The size of the screen should be at least 32 “(80cm)

réglage hauteur écran

Finally if two-sport players play against each other, a distance of approximately 1.30 m must separate.

réglage écran 2 joueurs

Setting Windows 8

By default Windows 8 application is digitally signed drivers, it may disable this option to install the Kinect.

Here is the procedure if requested:

1) Hold down the “Windows” key (the one with the Windows logo at the bottom left of your keyboard), and “r”.

2) In the window that opens type the following line: shutdown.exe / r / o / ft 0 (0 is a zero)

3) Make ‘enter’.

The computer restarts with a new menu.

4) Select successively:

“Advanced Options”
The computer restarts with a new menu.

5) Press “7” to disable the signing of drivers.

The computer starts.

6 °) Uninstall Omboxx software if there was one already installed.

7) Install  Omboxx software as described below.

Omboxx software installation

Go to our online store and click on free 10:00 version or the full version. For the paid version you will be asked to make the purchase by Paypal or bank transfer.

In both cases when your payment is verified you will receive the software to download with an unlock code.

Download Omboxx software and click “Yes”.

Unpack the “zip” file.

Click on the file “Omboxx_setup.exe” to start the installation.

Then follow the instructions…

In the host interface make secure the test option Free Downloadable once 10 hours, or activate your unlock code for free use on a single compute.

Set :

  • The resolution of your screen.
  • The graphic quality (pay attention to the specifications of your computer).
  • The option “windowed” is checked if you do not want to launch the game in full screen.

You will come to setting interface parameters of the game: see “play a game”.

The equipment is in place to start the game.

See the next section : “Play a game”.