Isolated personnel


Isolated Personnel – Hostile Environments

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Isolated personnel

There are many circumstances in which individuals or groups of people must live in isolated or reduced areas because of various constraints:

  • Military personnel overseas operations
  • Navy , submarines …
  • Shipping or cruise
  • oil Platform
  • Scientists in difficult climates , weather station
  • Embassies and Consulates in hazardous areas
  • Commercial staff in hazardous areas or climatically difficult
  • prison world
  • Arrest …

The simulator sports Omboxx is the ideal instrument for the cardiovascular workout of those who do not want to remain idle because of their confinement , either by necessity or by choice.

The necessary equipment is light and takes up very little space.

The intensity of the workout potential is almost unlimited while remaining as fun a game of squash or tennis.

It also has the big advantage in this kind of circumstance to be a relationship between the support members considered human group : emulation , competition …

The simulator sports Omboxx is an effective way to fight against inaction , boredom, routine and withdrawal itself.

These staff may be forced to remain parked for long periods locked in their positions, sometimes without power or duty leave. Simulator sport contributes effectively to keep the men in physical and mental shape. In tight spaces can develop a fun workout while being very intense, it is attractive and clean to create an emulation group.

The needs are the same as above for the staff on board for long and distant missions.

In underwater space is limited in the extreme. The simulator sport is particularly well suited as it requires a TV or a projector screen, a laptop or other computer, and a kinect. It is even possible to spend spinbike because the kinect is capable of taking into account the running in place lifting knees to integrate in the same way in the game space / service record of the Omboxx is huge SINCE it provides equivalent functionality squash in this environment

Other situations where the cumulative restriction of space, unable to get out of these spaces for shorter or longer periods. The simulator sports Omboxx for all the reasons mentioned in this page is there to his advantage to bring a fun and effective for the physical and psychological health of the athlete player training.

The simulator sport is sport Omboxx ideal tool for personal isolated in hostile environments with maximum effectiveness and minimum footprint.The video below shows the material and the easiest installation, easily transportable:

  • A video-short-throw projector, a wall;
  • A typical bike RPM racing bike up without raising the knees can appropriate if the bicycle becomes too heavy or bulky.

Any screen may suffice, including the laptop screen PC that makes software run Omboxx.