The game software Omboxx

Available in the online shop for sale or to be tested for a period of 10 hours. It must be installed on the computer.

The free version can be downloaded only once and the license for the full version is granted for a single computer.


A Spinbike

With a magnetic brake preference; An exercise bike can be used provided that it leaves to see the movements of the knees so that the Kinect can calculate your pedaling speed and implement it in the game. For this purpose it is best to remove the handlebars bike. Note that the simulator can run without Omboxx sports bike using running in place lifting knees.


A laptop

  • download and run the software Omboxx,
  • download updates and upgrades
  • manage the operation of the Kinect for Windows

The PC must have a minimum configuration iCore 3, windows 7/8.

Compliant Windows 10 !

On order we can deliver an integrated solution with dedicated Omboxx Barebone, please feel free to contact us if you are interested


One Kinect for windows

Bought on the internet (not a Kinect for Xbox360).

The motion sensor will provide real interactivity between the movements of sports-player game play like on a real field.


One screen

Minimum of 32 inches for a good immersion into the game and make a big difference with other equipment with a video support that is generally much too small.

You can also use an video projector to interesting for the game two short focal length: watch the video at the bottom of this page, for a projection on a large screen or wall.

demo game omboxx