Fitness professionals


Fitness Professionals

Gyms high level – Personal coaches – Small groups

The OMBOXX software is the instrument you need for your brand :

  • Novelty
  • Modern and technical
  • Design
  • Communication medium
  • Element renewal and differentiation

Your customers will be happy to follow you and to finally find the solution for a less painful and boring cardio workouts

Gyms high level

Your plants can be simply equipped from existing material: spinbikes , monitors, computer …

You lack the Omboxx and Kinect for Windows software.

Two players can train against each other with the same hardware.

Omboxx The software has been designed and developed to be coachable and be integrated with a circuit -training.

Custom integration of certain equipment ( kinect , barebone ) or a complete custom installation and designated may be offered to you.

The following projects include more basic equipment :

  • cardio -monitoring and its integration into the game,
  • sound shower
  • simulators impacts in peaumes hands
  • a signature scent

For a better immersion in the game

  • cabine